The Procurement Department is one of the service departments of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), with its core responsibility of ensuring compliance with the Public Procurement Act (PPA), 2007 and ensuring due process in the acquisition of Goods, Works and Services as well as the disposal of unserviceable assets of the Ministry.


To serve as an efficient and transparent vehicle in the planning and management of procurement activities for the realization of the mandate of the Ministry in particular and national development in general.


To use the Due Process mechanism to establish and sustain an open competitive procurement system which is integrity driven, upholds spending within the budget and ensures speedy implementation of quality Projects and Programmes, in order to achieve value for money and fitness for the purpose.


The Procurement Department handles all procurement matters under the Capital and Recurrent expenditures of the Ministry and its Parastatals/Agencies and Institutes as follows:

  1. Tenders processing and evaluation;
  2. Certification of all Capital and Recurrent Procurement;
  3. Secretariat of the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) and Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB);
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation for compliance of Capital and Recurrent Budget implementations of the Ministry, its Parastatals and Institutes;
  5. Processing of Certificate of Due Process “No Objection” to contract awards for the Ministry, its Parastatals/Agencies and Institutes.
  6. Liaison with the Office of the Secretary of the Government of the Federation (OSGF), Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) and other MDAs on statutory procurement matters;
  7. Processing of procurement and its related matters for the Ministry and its Parastatals/Agencies and Institutes;
  8. Chairman, Board of Survey/Boarding of Ministry’s items;
  9. Price intelligence and research on all procurements;
  10. Database Management on Goods, Works and Services;
  11. Processing valuation and issuance of certificates for completed Goods, Works and Services before payments are made;
  12. Integrating its procurement expenditure into its yearly budget;
  13. Participating in the Procurement Department’s Component of the GIFMIS platform payment structure; and
  14. Any other issues related to the core functions of the Procurement Department.

The above listed functions notwithstanding, the Procurement Department has the responsibility of processing all procurement activities including the following:

  1. Co-ordinating the preparation of procurement plans submitted by Departments for the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC);
  2. Preparation of tender notifications and request for Expressions of Interest (EoI);
  3. Preparation and submission to advertising media of documents, soliciting for quotations, prequalification, bidding and request for proposals;
  4. Receiving and opening of prequalification documents, bids, quotations and request for proposals (RfP);
  5. Submission of evaluation reports to the Ministerial Tenders Board for recommended bids for approval;
  6. Making arrangements for contract negotiations and contract  signing by the Accounting Officer;
  7. Preparing responses to complaints for submission to the Bureau  of Public Procurement (BPP);
  8. Preparation of all data and information required by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP); and
  9. Any other assignment that would be given by the Authorities that may enhance performance of the Ministry towards actualizing its statutory mandate.